Are you an avid crossword solver looking for the answer to the clue “equitable agreements”? Look no further because we have the solution for you!

The answer to this crossword clue is “pacts.” It refers to agreements that are made between two parties, which are fair and just for both sides involved. Pacts often involve negotiations and compromise, with the end goal being a mutually beneficial outcome.

Equitable agreements are essential in many aspects of life, from business deals to personal relationships. They help ensure that both parties are satisfied with the terms and conditions of the agreement and can trust each other to uphold their end of the deal.

But why is “pacts” the correct answer for the crossword clue specifically? Well, the word “equitable” is a key clue. It suggests that the answer should be a term that relates to fairness and balance. “Pacts” fits this description perfectly as it refers to agreements that are made to be fair to both parties.

When it comes to crossword solving, it`s essential to pay attention to the clues given and use your knowledge and experience to make educated guesses. As with many puzzles, sometimes the right answer may not be immediately apparent, and it may take a bit of creative thinking and problem-solving to arrive at the solution.

In conclusion, if you come across the clue “equitable agreements” in a crossword puzzle, remember that the answer is “pacts.” And if you`re ever in the position of making agreements with others, strive for a fair and just outcome that benefits everyone involved.

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